Understanding Kho Kho Ground Measurement

Kho Kho, a traditional Indian sport, holds a significant place in the country’s cultural and sporting heritage. With its roots deeply embedded in history, Kho Kho continues to captivate enthusiasts with its blend of agility, strategy, and teamwork. For those new to the sport or seeking to delve deeper into its nuances, understanding the measurement of a Kho Kho ground is paramount.

The Dimensions of a Kho Kho Ground

A Kho Kho ground boasts specific dimensions crucial for optimal gameplay. Unlike many other sports, Kho Kho doesn’t require elaborate infrastructure but demands precision in its layout. The dimensions of a standard Kho Kho ground are 29 meters in length and 16 meters in width.

The Standard Dimensions: Length and Width


The standard length of a Kho Kho ground is 29 meters. This dimension ensures optimal gameplay, allowing for strategic maneuvering and swift movements. A precisely measured length is imperative to maintain fairness and consistency across all matches.


In tandem with the length, the width of a Kho Kho ground is equally crucial. The standard width measures 16 meters, providing sufficient space for players to navigate and execute various tactics effectively.

The Boundary Lines: Marking the Territory

Main Lines:

The perimeter of the Kho Kho ground is delineated by boundary lines, defining the playing area and ensuring adherence to the established standards. These lines are 1 cm in width and are marked distinctly to minimize ambiguity during matches.

Bonus Lines:

Within the playing area, bonus lines are marked at specific intervals to facilitate gameplay dynamics. These lines, positioned 8 meters apart, serve as checkpoints for players, adding strategic depth to the sport.

The Central Lane: A Core Element


Running through the center of the ground is the central lane, a pivotal component of Kho Kho gameplay. This lane spans the entire length of the ground, measuring 23 meters.


The central lane’s width is standardized at 30 cm, providing a designated pathway for players to engage in strategic pursuits while adhering to the rules of the game.

Pitching Lines: Setting the Stage

Pitching Lines:

At each end of the central lane, pitching lines are marked to demarcate the starting points for the defenders and the seekers. These lines, positioned 2.5 meters from the central lane’s ends, serve as pivotal zones for initiating gameplay.

Bonus Lines Extension:

Extending from the pitching lines towards the central lane are the bonus lines extensions, measuring 2.5 meters in length. These extensions play a crucial role in defining the boundary of the central lane, ensuring clarity during matches.

Additional Considerations

In addition to the primary dimensions and markings, several other factors contribute to the optimal design and layout of a Kho Kho ground. These include:

Surface Material

The choice of surface material significantly influences gameplay and player safety. While traditional Kho Kho grounds may feature natural surfaces like grass or soil, modern facilities often opt for synthetic materials, providing consistency and durability.

Lighting and Amenities

For nighttime or indoor matches, adequate lighting is imperative to ensure visibility and player safety. Moreover, the availability of amenities such as seating arrangements, changing rooms, and restroom facilities enhances the overall spectator experience.

Accessibility and Spectator Comfort

Creating a welcoming environment for spectators is crucial for the sport’s growth and popularity. Accessibility features, ample seating, and amenities catering to diverse needs contribute to a memorable experience for all attendees.


Understanding the measurement of a Kho Kho ground is essential for players, coaches, and enthusiasts alike. By adhering to standard dimensions and markings, organizers ensure fair gameplay and an immersive experience for participants and spectators. As Kho Kho continues to evolve and gain prominence on both national and international stages, meticulous attention to ground design remains integral to its success.

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