Who is Etieno Ekiko? A Lesser known facts about him

Etieno Ekiko, a well-known entertainer, has had a big impact on the entertainment scene both locally and internationally. Growing up in Nigeria, he’s become a versatile artist, excelling in music, acting, and modeling. Fans love his unique style and charm, making him quite popular. He’s not just talented; he also keeps a bit of mystery, which fans find intriguing. Even though he keeps some things private, his fans are always eager to know more about the man behind the captivating performances. This article explores Etieno’s life and career, looking into his background, achievements, and what makes him famous.

Early Life & Background

Etieno Ekiko was born in 1984 in Nigeria. At just two months old, his family moved to the United States. This early relocation brought about an intriguing challenge: his 13 names. Simplifying them to one, “Etieno,” marked the beginning of his unique journey. Growing up in America, Kenya, and Spain, he discovered his love for African drumming, which became a significant part of his cultural identity. Later, in Lagos, Nigeria, he explored various professions, including beekeeping and truck driving. Despite facing a tough battle with cancer, Ekiko showcased incredible strength and perseverance, blending different cultures into his identity.

Etieno Ekiko’s Career & Professional Life

Etieno Ekiko is the father of NBA player Desmond Bane, a successful businessman from Nigeria, and the CEO of Damuze Ventures, currently living in Abuja, Nigeria. Despite his many roles, Ekiko remains grounded and committed to his business and family.

Personal Life & Relationships

Etieno Ekiko has experienced a complex personal life, having been married twice. His first marriage was with Marissa Bane, the mother of NBA player Desmond Bane. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when Marissa became pregnant. Etieno left her and his unborn child, leading Marissa to marry Terrill Haley later. Currently, Etieno is engaged to his girlfriend-turned-fiancé, whose name remains private. They now live together in Abuja, Nigeria, starting a new chapter in their lives.

Contributions to the Entertainment Industry

As an artist, Etieno has made substantial contributions to music, acting, and modeling. His unique style and charismatic presence have earned him a loyal fanbase and numerous accolades in the entertainment industry.

Etieno Ekiko’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Etieno Ekiko’s net worth is approximately $250,000. He has built his wealth through his business ventures, particularly as the CEO of Damuze Ventures. His success in both the entertainment industry and business highlights his diverse talents and hard work.

Lesser known facts about Etieno Ekiko

1. Early Challenge with Names: Etieno Ekiko faced a unique challenge with his identity early in life. Born with 13 names, he had difficulty with pronunciation and ultimately simplified his name to “Etieno.” This decision marked the beginning of his distinct journey and reflects his adaptability and resilience.

2. Diverse Cultural Background: Growing up in different countries, including the United States, Kenya, and Spain, Etieno developed a rich cultural background. This diverse upbringing influenced his love for traditional African drumming, which has become a significant part of his artistic identity.

3. Multiple Professions: Before becoming a well-known entertainer, Etieno tried various jobs, including beekeeping and truck driving in Lagos, Nigeria. These experiences highlight his versatility and willingness to explore different fields before finding his true calling in the entertainment industry.

4. Personal Battle with Cancer: Despite his public persona, Etieno faced a private battle with cancer. His ability to overcome this significant health challenge and continue his career in entertainment and business demonstrates his strength and determination.

5. Complex Family Dynamics: Etieno’s personal life is marked by complex relationships. He has been married twice and has four children, including NBA player Desmond Bane. His first marriage to Marissa Bane ended before Desmond was born, leading to a complicated family history. Currently, Etieno is engaged to his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, and they live together in Abuja, Nigeria, maintaining a balance between his personal and professional lives.


Etieno Ekiko is a multifaceted individual whose life and career span various fields and continents. From his diverse upbringing to his significant contributions to the entertainment industry, and his role as a businessman, Etieno’s story is one of resilience, talent, and mystery. Despite the challenges he has faced, including his battle with cancer, he continues to inspire many with his achievements and his enigmatic presence. His journey is a testament to the power of embracing one’s heritage while also adapting to new environments and opportunities.


Q1: What are Etieno Ekiko’s main professional roles?

Ans: Etieno Ekiko is a businessman and the CEO of Damuze Ventures. He is also known for his influence in music, acting, and modeling.

Q2: How many children does Etieno Ekiko have?

Ans: Etieno Ekiko has four children: Desmond Bane, Anna Bane, Ariyah Wright, and Jaylyn Wright.

Q3: What is Etieno Ekiko’s net worth?

Ans: As of 2023, Etieno Ekiko’s net worth is approximately $250,000.

Q4: Who is Desmond Bane?

Ans: Desmond Bane is Etieno Ekiko’s son and a prominent NBA player with the Memphis Grizzlies.

Q5: Where does Etieno Ekiko currently live?

Ans: Etieno Ekiko currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria, with his girlfriend-turned-fiancée.

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